Rising Star 6

There were a few more guests than in previous years at Rising Star 6 in 1997.

Rick Biggs had brought along a guest star from the current series of B5, Marjorie Monaghan who played the terrorist, Number One. She was lovely but look a bit scared most of the time. I got to cover the guest assistant role a few times for both her and Rick.


Richard Hatch starred in the original Battlestar Galactica (and again in the remake). He was an ok guest, liked a practical joke or two, but was full of his own self importance….this didn’t go down too well with some. Luckily his attitude seems to have changed over the years as you will see elsewhere in this blog.


Then we move onto BarBara Luna. Hmm. Nice enough lady but, HAS to be the centre of attention all of the time. Kinda reminded me of Zsa Zsa Gabor. Unfortunately, I cannot find the picture I had with her but I am on the hunt!

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