Rising Star 2

It was September 1993 and I, along with Mark and Robin, was heading back to Southwest Virginia to Rising Star 2.

There were a number of repeat guests, including Deanna Lund and a number of sci-fi authors, but the big draw for me this year was Felecia Bell and Pat Tallman.

These two ladies had just become part of something amazing.

Felecia played the part of Jennifer Sisko, wife of Benjamin, mother of Jake. Doomed to die at the battle of Wolf 359. It was, for her, a one off role at the time. Luckily she came back as her mirror-universe counterpart a few years later.

Patricia on the other hand had been in the pilot episode of Babylon 5, playing telepath Lyta Alexander. A role she would play again a few years later. Pat had also done lots of stunt work and alien roles (as well as background Starfleet officers, often uncredited) on Star Trek: The Next Generation. She would continue with this on DS9, Voyager and the film, Star Trek: Generations.

Both ladies were lovely, signed as many items as you wanted, posed for photos, chatted to you over lunch, simply lovely. Nothing was too much.

Patricia Tallman & Felecia Bell

I will freely admit to being smitten at the time with Felecia Bell. She was lovely and happened to remember me, especially at the charity auction she was running. I nearly blew my whole holiday budget in one go on a signed script (by the whole cast) of the DS9 pilot. I was outbid at the last moment but got a runner up kiss!

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