Rising Star 7

September 1998 meant Rising Star 7. Lots of repeat guests, Deanna Lund, Don Marshall and Richard Biggs again. This time joined by Erin Grey and Gil Gerard of Buck Rogers fame and France Nuyen from Star Trek.

Gil Gerard. Buck Rogers. How to describe him? He really is Buck Rogers! All American hero with a sense of justice and morals. Good to fans, very chatty!


For a period of time over the weekend I was Erin Greys assistant. If you don’t know, Erin played Colonel Wilma Deering in Buck Rogers.  I was there to help her, running to get drinks, sitting with her at the autograph table etc. She’s a very lovely, chatty lady who is very much into yoga. I know this because when things were quiet she would do random stretches etc!


France Nuyen played Elaan in the classic Trek episode Elaan of Troyius. She seemed very much like her character in the episode. Very demanding and very opinionated! Again, I’ve lost the picture but am on the hunt!

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