Star Trek 25th Birthday Party

My friends Mark and Robin and I had a go at starting up a Trek Fanzine. It only lasted a couple of issues but it was a laugh. We decided to take it a step further and hold a Star Trek birthday party in September 1991.

The plan was two-fold. Gain use of the local church hall. Setup one room to watch lots of Trek, which at the time only consisted of the original series, a couple of seasons of TNG and a few movies. Room two would be a room to celebrate all the different Trek memorabilia you could buy. We had managed to get lots of freebies from Titan Books and CBS Home Video who were releasing the series on VHS.

We publicised the event, and quite a few of our friends showed up during the day. It ended with a marathon movie watch with the 3 of us and about 10 others.

It was no convention, but it was a fun way to celebrate the birthday!



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