Wolf-359 Stargate SG1 Con

Apart from Trek and B5, Stargate was the only other Sci-Fi I watched at the time.

I had not been to a UK based con for a few years, and this new company, Wolf Events (who, in my opinion went on to do very bad events!) were just getting going.

Wolf SG1 took place in February 2000.  Present were Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge, and Marshall Teague.


It was the first event for all, but a very enjoyable (albeit expensive) one, and marked the first time I ever had a professional photo shoot with a guest.

All guests were very nice. Marshall really got into the swing of things, considering he’d only been in one episode, whilst Chris Judge was initially very quiet.

Amanda was very quiet and polite to begin with, but after a while her funny side came out and she had everyone in stitches.


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