LFCC 2011

Showmasters flagship event was getting bigger and bigger every year….

The guest list included Tom Sizemore, Christopher Lloyd, Corey Feldman, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Derek Jacobi, Robert Knepper, Sylvester McCoy, Mark Sheppard, Shawnee Smith, Clive Barker, Robert Rankin, Lisa Marie, Veronica Cartwright, Lea Thompson, Sophie Aldred, Camille Coduri, Natalia Tena, Georgina Leonidas, Simon Fisher-Becker, Sylvia Anderson, Louise Jameson, Nicholas Vince, Lee Ingleby, Mary Tamm, Jeffrey Weissman, Jess Harnell, Lee Townsend, Liam Shalloo, Michael Bailey Smith, Henry Davies, Jeremy Bulloch, Oliver Smith, Simon Bamford, Mela Lee, Brian Tochi, Richard Franklin, Peter Jurasik, Walter Koenig, Luciana Carro, Joel Gretsch, Sandahl Bergman, Stephen Furst, Ricky Dean Logan, John Chapman, John Simpkin, Holly McGuire, Kyla Cole, Monica Harris, Alex Kingston, Laurence Belcher.

But the bog draw for me was Karen Gillan, who played Amy Pond, current companion to the 11th Doctor in Doctor Who. She was an absolute pleasure to meet and her talk was hilarious. It was a shame that some fans marred the talk by stopping Karen during a Q&A session to ask for a hug.

I was first in line for the photoshoot with Karen and the Tardis. Karen arrived and had a chat with the photographer before getting ready. I was called forward. Karen said hi, put her arm around me and we posed. Just as the photographer was about to shoot, someone yelled stop….they had forgotten the Tardis! We were told to hold position whilst it was wheeled in behind us. Fine by me! We had a laugh and a chat before moving on. A good day!

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