Collectormania 8

Collectormania takes place twice a year, so it meant another trip to MK.

One of my childhood heroes, William Shatner, was in attendance. Unfortunately, my first meeting with the man left an unpleasant memory. We were herded through like cattle and barely an acknowledgement came from the man himself. Luckily, he made up for it in the future.

Another Trek lady was Marina Sirtis who played Deanna Troi in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Also in attendance were Robert Englund, from V and A Nightmare on Elm Street. He is a lovely guy, very friendly. Karen Allen and Paul Freeman from Raiders of the Lost Ark, again, both nice but Paul was a bit stand offish. Tricia Helfer from Battlestar Galactica (RDM) and a teenage crush, Erika Eleniak from Baywatch!

The number of guests at each event was growing…….and so was my hobbie!

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  1. I met William Shatner at Destination Star Trek London and I had exactly the same experience with him. It was as though he was there purely for the money. Avery Brooks on the other hand was an absolute gentleman and a had a wonderful sense of humour.

    1. I didn’t meet him at DSTL but did meet him a year or two later at another event. He was nowhere near as bad and actually spoke to people. Agree with you on Avery Brooks….really nice guy!

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