Secret Cinema- Back to the Future

Secret Cinema advertised what was to be their least secret film yet. Back to the Future.


As usual, it promised to be a completely interactive event. Attendees were encouraged to dress in 1950s clothing, register on the website and be given an ID and job. I was allocated the name John Williams (My 2nd Great-Grandfathers name funnily enough) and was told I worked in recruitment. To be honest I never really used the ID but it was there if you wanted to.


Our little group met at Stratford Station and walked to the event which was taking place in the old Olympic Park. On the way we encountered actors playing out various parts. We were also yelled at by a Hill Valley Policeman for jaywalking!


Upon entry we were directed to Old Man Peabody’s farm where we were given a wristband, had contraband confisctated (:-( ) and told to hand over our communications devices. That was never gonna happen!!

Once through, we entered Hill Valley itself. The Lyons Estate, home to the McFly and Tannen families and Doc Brown’s workshop. Once passed that we entered Hill Valley itself. Secret Cinema had done an amazing job in recreating everything, from Lou’s Cafe, to The Clock Tower and The Cinema. We wandered around looking at all the different shops before heading off to the fun fair. I had a go on a couple of sideshows then we headed off to Lou’s Cafe. Luckily we found an empty table and took up residence for the rest of the night.


Prior to the start of the film, actors played out a variety of parts from the film, including the encounter with Biff and Marty at the cafe. Then, Marvin Berry and the Starlighters took to the stage to sing a few songs before the start of the film.


Then the film began….key scenes, including the scene in the parking lot of Twin Pines Mall were played out before our eyes. It was nothing short of awesome! Near the end we even had Doc Brown on top of the clock tower, zip-lining down to the ground as in the movie. People were interacting and discussing the film whilst it was on, it was great! A random lady even wandered up, gave me a kiss and then vanished. You don’t get that every day!

Once the film was over the crowd applauded for a long time! Then the music began again and went on until 11.30pm. We left and made our way home, exhausted but convinced we had just spent the evening in 1955!




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