Star Wars: The Force Awakens

A couple of years ago, George Lucas sold the rights to Star Wars to Disney. Immediately upon hearing this, millions of voices cried out in terror.... On the 17th of December they were suddenly silenced. Below is my review. Let me just say it was like being back in 1977. I have seen the film... Continue Reading →

London Film Convention

I used to go to these events regularly and help my mate Mark and his dad out with their stall. I haven't been since they started adding guests to the event. Needless to say when I say a couple of Monty Python guests (Terry Jones and Carol Cleveland) I had to go. I also met... Continue Reading →

LFCC 2015

Well, where to begin! This looked to be a promising event with so many great names on offer including Sigourney Weaver, Michael J Fox, Bill Pullman, Hayley Atwell etc. Whilst it was nice to meet them and see old friends, in all my 20+ years of attending cons I have never felt so unsafe in... Continue Reading →

Collectormania 23

It was back to Stadium:MK for what many people believe to be the last Collectormania in MK. To be honest, I'm kinda glad. Personally, I don't think the stadium is suitable. For the first time in a while I had my brother and his family with me. He is disabled and had great difficulty in... Continue Reading →

MCM Comic Con

I hadn't been to one of these for years but the lure of some NCIS and Agents of SHIELD guests was too much for me and my dad. I was hoping things had changed. Boy was I wrong. Whilst getting in was easy and so was getting autographs, the chaos that was the photoshoots was... Continue Reading →

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