Walker Stalker Con London

First con of the year and its solely aimed at The Walking Dead fandom!

I must admit that I was very apprehensive about attending this event. Mostly because of the autograph and photo shoot prices. Walker Stalker Con was started by the fans that run the podcast of the same name. It was an event by the fans for the fans.

I was wrong to be worried. As it turns out, unlike some UK con organisers, this company cap their attendee numbers. This would explain why the costs were higher and it actually doesn’t bother me.

Yes, there were a few teething issues. Mostly over queuing. Also, a lot of new con goers expected too much for the ticket they had purchased but on the whole it was a good event.

The guests were awesome and the panels good. You could even hear them which shows what a decent sound system and engineer can do. There were enough stall holders to keep you occupied and the cosplayers were awesome!

My only gripe is aimed at the Zombie Apocalypse Experience. It was fun, don’t get me wrong but for the price it was nowhere near long enough. It needed more zombies, more rooms to explore and a roof to make it darker. Then it would have been awesome.

My stand out guest had to be Alanna Masterson who plays Tara in TWD. It’s always a worry when you meet your favourite characters as the actors can sometimes be a disappointment. Yes, they are paid to be there but they don’t have to be as fun and receptive as Alanna (Here’s looking a you Frakes). She was awesome and hopefully she’ll be back next year as the 2017 event is already being planned.

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