Les Mis x27

2016-06-10 18.36.36-1_zpstq0k01qb

Performance number 27 for me!

A couple of the principle cast have recently changed and at the last minute I managed to get a seat in my favourite spot (Loge 1 or 2 if you are interested!) so I headed off to the Queens Theatre!

My two favourite characters are Jean Valjean and Eponine (One day I will make a separate blog entry about why as it will take a while!). Since April there has been a new principle Eponine. A young actress from the US called Eva Nobelzada, who made her professional debut playing Kim in Miss Saigon in 2014 at The Prince Edward Theatre, had taken over the role and I was intrigued to see how she would be.


Would Eva be able to get across the necessary raw emotion that I think is needed for the part? I’m no acting expert but I believe that out of all the characters, apart from JVJ, Eponine goes through the most emotionally. Her feelings for Marius and how she feels when her love goes unrequited. Torn between loyalty to family and doing what is right for Marius, a lot of pent up anger as well. Could she do it??

Well, damn! She blew me away! It has been a while since I shed a tear at Les Mis (okay, February! 😉 )but Eva’s rendition of On My Own was amazing and I did cry during A Little Fall Of Rain (I’m not ashamed to say!). She checked all the boxes and whilst her predecessor, Danielle Hope. was awesome, Eva is the best Eponine for me for a very long time!

I must meet her at the stage door one day if only to say hi and grab an autograph and selfie! Maybe at number 28….

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