Star Wars Identities

The Star Wars Identities exhibition opened at The O2 on November 18th and runs through until September 2017.

The exhibition consists of 2 parts that run side by side. The first is a display of over 200 props, costumes and art from the first 7 films. Some of the props and miniatures are original whilst some were recreated for the later films. That doesn’t stop them being awesome. I had two highlights. The display of Imperial and Rebel spacecraft and the Jedi hall at the very end.

The second part is very interactive. Using Anakin and Luke as a starting point, you get to look at father and son and see what influenced them and did that have an effect on the path they chose. You are given a digital audio guide and a wristband. As you go around you start by choosing if you are human or alien and if so which alien are you. You choose your home planet and your desired occupation. The further along you go you more of your traits you get to build up until at the very end you have a complete character in the Star Wars universe. It can even be displayed on a big screen.

Well worth the money and I would recommend going during quiet periods so you can spend time with the exhibits!

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