Rogue Events- Telford Fanzone

I’ve been attending conventions since 1989. I’ve been to some amazing events and some really sub-par events.

Over the years, many of my con-buddies have advised me to avoid Rogue Events and, up until recently, I had done so. Then someone told me that they had announced 3 guests for their new event, Telford Fan Zone, that I have wanted to see for a while. Elizabeth Henstridge and Adrianne Palicki from Agents of SHIELD and Chyler Leigh from Supergirl. I’ve wanted to meet these three ladies for a while and get their autographs for my collection so I thought I’d give it a shot so I checked out their website.

Initially, I had a few concerns so I decided to email the organisers. I did not receive a reply. So I took to social media and tried both Twitter and Facebook. Again, no reply, even to questions posted in the groups. I was emailing about access requirements for those with medical conditions. I also checked the help section of the website and it was, in a word, ineffective at best.

As the event drew nearer I began thinking about photo shoots as I would love to have one each with the ladies. I looked at how to purchase and was slightly shocked to find out that it required a bank transfer. You filled out the online form, it gave you a reference number and then they would eventually reconcile it with their records. If that didn’t happen you could apparently turn up with all the paperwork to prove it. This didn’t seem a very safe and reliable method for me and I didn’t want to turn up at the event and find out I had nothing. It also doesn’t really offer the buyer much in the way of purchase protection. This seems weird when you can buy entry tickets through Eventbrite. Why not photo shoots too?

I had also read many horror stories of recent events also run by this company as well as being told by some people at another event I had attended that they had been shoved around by Rogue Events staff and nothing was done about it. Also I was told examples of photo shoots being oversold and carried over to the next day which would not work for me as I could only do the Saturday.

I recently posted on their social media sites that I was unhappy with everything and was intending to not attend, thus wasting my entry fee and my train fare. I was hoping this MIGHT get me some kind of response from these people. Yet again, nothing.

Last night they announced that at 12 noon they would be announcing something special for Telford Fan Zone. That never happened and the fans cries for an answer seem to fallen on deaf ears. This was the final nail in the coffin. As much as I want to meet these amazing ladies, Chyler Leigh especially, I can’t risk that my hard-earned money might go astray and I miss out on things I thought I had paid for and also that I might be treated as badly as some of my con buddies.

Thanks for nothing Rogue Events. For the fans that are attending I really hope this event does actually work. I do believe the organisers need to take a close look at themselves, their customer service and their financial procedures as to me it all seems a bit odd.

To the guest I’m going to miss, I hope I do eventually get to meet you and I hope they event organisers don’t mess you around!


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