ThroneCast is the post-episode discussion show created for Sky Atlantic to follow Game of Thrones. It is recorded at Sky Studios the afternoon before the new episode airs. It is presented by Sue Perkins, along with Jamie East. Each week sees a celebrity fan or two join the show, plus someone from the cast (past and present). Anyone can apply for tickets through the Applause Store.

I’ve been wanting to go to a recording for a while but they normally fall on a work day, during term-time but as the show is on later this year I was able to apply. I was lucky enough to get a couple of tickets so invited my mate Fudge along.

We arrived at 11.45am. The line was short (about 7 people) so we joined it. After about 45 minutes, a group of young ladies in red Applause Store jackets turned up and started giving out wristbands. We got ours, numbers 52 and 53.

At 1.45pm (after begging to be let in to use the loo) we were taken through security to a holding area (via the loo) and made to wait. Luckily there were refreshments and a big-screen TV playing a GoT best moments episode.

Just after 3pm they began to take us through to the studio. It was done in batches of 20 with the first 2 batches consisting of priority ticket holders.

The studio had 2 seating areas. One that was like a set of old church pews and then traditional stadium seating. We were front row, centre of the stadium seating.


Once the audience was in, the warm-up guy got everyone in the mood. Firstly by going through some basics of studio etiquette and then lots of fun and jokes. He also did this during the couple of intervals we had.


We then watched the episode. Season 7, Episode 2, Stormborn. I won’t go into details of the episode here, but suffice to say it was awesome. Once the episode was over, Sue Perkins came out and did a brief intro. Until now, I had never realised how funny she is!


Then the episode began recording. The guests this week were comedian Tom Davis, radio DJ and TV presenter, Rickie Haywood Williams and actor Dean Charles Chapman who played Tommen Baratheon. It lasted just over an hour, including a couple of intervals plus two or three reshoots for different audiences.


What followed was a blow-by-blow breakdown of the entire episode and was extremely funny. At one point, Sue asked the audience “Who would like to see Cersei become the Mad Queen?” I was the only one that responded yes. A point which Sue picked up on during recording….I’m “The bloke” she mentions!


It finished at about 5.55pm, after filming an alternative ending for the Aussie audience.

It was an awesome experience and I would happily go again!




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  1. Hi there
    I’ve just found out I have 2 tickets to Thronecast on the 21st
    I’ve read some reviews from people who have arrived 3 hours before and still be told the studio is full
    I see your blog and you were successful but now I’m still dubious that even if I get there before 12 I’ll be met by hundreds of other people having the same idea
    At what time did you see that it was starting to get very crowded? Thank you

    1. Hi Aime,

      Let me tell you how it worked when I went.

      I arrived at 11.30am. Go to the very end of Grant Way and you will see a security gate directly in front of you and a security office to the left of the gate. On the other side of the gate is a flat, concrete roundabout. The line formed to the right of the gate, directly opposite the security office. When I arrived there were only 10 people. We waited in line and the queue grew slowly at first and then from 1pm it grew quite quickly.

      At about 12.45pm a group of ladies came out and started issuing wristbands. Anyone who had a priority ticket went first (there were about 20-25 by the time we went in) and everyone else received a normal wristband. At about 1.45pm they started letting us in. We went through security and was held in a waiting room. If you make it as far as the waiting room you are in. There is tea, coffee etc. in the waiting room. At about 3pm you are taken through to the studio and it goes from there. You are taken through in groups according to the number on your wristband with priority going first.

      I would recommend getting there as early as possible. The guys at the front of the line since 10am.

      Good luck and I hope you get in.

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