Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek is back on TV (kind of) and back where it belongs and as usual there are plenty of fans already picking at it like vultures on a carcass. Star Trek: Discovery was announced in November 2015 and premiered on CBS ALL-ACCESS on Sunday 24th September. It was released on Netflix the following day... Continue Reading →

London Film Convention

These events have been taking place for 45 years now. Located in the Methodist Central Hall in Westminster, it used to be a place where collectors and dealers of all kinds of film and TV memorabilia would gather to sell, exchange and browse a variety of merchandise. I first began attending in 1989 and made... Continue Reading →

Into The Unknown Exhibition

This exhibition, which took place at The Barbican, was originally advertised as below:- "The genre-defining exhibition of art, design, film and literature. Uncover the mysterious lands of Jules Verne and Ray Harryhausen where Science Fiction narratives first took root. Venture on an odyssey into our solar system, with vintage artwork promoting Soviet visions of space alongside immersive work by Soda_Jerk.... Continue Reading →

Force Friday

September 1st 2017 saw the Force Friday midnight release of the new range of Star Wars toys for The Last Jedi. It was an exclusive, ticket only event at The Disney Store, Oxford Street. It was a fun event with refreshments and entertainment provided by Disney, a raffle and other giveaways. Cosplayers were also out... Continue Reading →

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