Into The Unknown Exhibition

This exhibition, which took place at The Barbican, was originally advertised as below:-

“The genre-defining exhibition of art, design, film and literature.

Uncover the mysterious lands of Jules Verne and Ray Harryhausen where Science Fiction narratives first took root. Venture on an odyssey into our solar system, with vintage artwork promoting Soviet visions of space alongside immersive work by Soda_Jerk. Visit a gallery of aliens, and stand alongside iconic spacesuits from a galaxy of blockbusters including Star Trek and Interstellar.

Imagine dystopian worlds with Margaret Atwood and 28 Days Later. Then, with nowhere left to explore but human consciousness, delve deep and experience the transformation and mutation of the body through the eyes of Jack Kirby and Ex Machina.

Curated by historian and writer Patrick Gyger, this festival-style exhibition consists of more than 800 works, many of which have never been seen in the UK before. Continuing across the Centre, it includes artwork from Isaac Julien, Larissa Sansour and Conrad Shawcross, and an installation from the creators of Black Mirror.”

I managed to get free tickets through SkyVIP and went along with a friend on its final night. I was looking forward to what I thought would be a great exhibition of sci-fi through the years.

We arrived for the start time as requested and got in early. I was saddened to see that whilst there were some great exhibits, everything was packed into a small space which made it quite unpleasant at times. Some very popular pieces were located in bottleneck areas which was a big mistake.

As much as I enjoyed seeing many of the exhibits, I don’t think I would pay to go to something similar at this venue again as it was badly laid out.

Photos below…

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