The Equalizer 2

Spoiler-ish review so beware!


The Equalizer 2 is the follow-up to the successful 2014 film The Equalizer which was based on the 80s TV show of the same name starring Edward Woodward.

This film marks the first time that Denzel Washington has appeared in a sequel to one of his own films.

Once again, Denzel plays the part of Robert McCall, ex-Marine who helps people who have a problem and no-one to turn to. At the start of the film, McCall helps reconcile a child, who was abducted by her father and taken to Turkey, with her mother and begins to help an old man who was separated from his sister during the holocaust.

Now living in Chicago and employed as a Lyft driver (Like Uber), Robert is helping a young black man, Miles who is on the verge of joining a gang and getting revenge for the death of his brother. Instead, Robert takes him under his wing and guides him towards completing his studies and continuing with his painting. Robert even employs him to do some painting in his apartment complex.

Denzel Washington;Ashton Sanders

Robert’s old friend, Susan Plummer is investigating the murder of an agent and his wife in Brussels with Dave York (Pedro Pascal) who is an old teammate of McCall and believes him dead. Things go wrong during the investigation and Susan is murdered and Miles is kidnapped. Robert sets out to find her killers, rescue Miles and dish out his own personal brand of justice.

It is Denzel’s best sequel yet! 😉 An enjoyable action film that’s not too hard on the brain and captures the essence of both the original show and previous film.  I actually prefer it to the original film as we get more of an insight to the kind of thing Robert does as The Equalizer!

Thanks to Odeon Limitless for the advanced screening!


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