The Predator

It’s not often that I see a film only once but I have no intention of seeing this film again in the cinema.

The Predator is set on earth, 20-ish years after the events of Predator 2.

predator cast

Two Predators arrive on Earth, one hunting the other. The one being hunted intends to deliver a gift to the people of Earth and the other is out to stop him.

This should have been a good solid action/sci-fi film but sadly it falls flat. The story concept is a sound one but is poorly delivered. A weak script which relies too heavily on laughs, many of which seem forced, leave this film feeling flat and predictable.

A number of plot holes are blatantly obvious. Olivia Munn’s character starts off as a simple Biologist but ends up as some kind of Lara Croft. At one point in the film she appears with a space age tranquilizer gun that seemed to come out of nowhere. Later in the film she is watching a Predator ship fly away in the distance, and we are talking a good few miles, yet minutes later she appears next to it! This and other strange occurrences had me shaking my head throughout the film.

One of the characters is a Tourettes sufferer and his condition was used for laughs constantly throughout the film. This didn’t sit well with me at all.

The soundtrack wasn’t great and didn’t really fit well in certain scenes.

There was the odd callback to earlier films including “get to the chopper” which could easily have been missed.

Unfortunately this is a poor addition to the Predator universe, which is sad as the end of the film has left it open for a sequel.

Not worth the cost of the cinema ticket in my opinion.

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