The MCU saved my life

Have you ever had anyone say to you "*blank* tv show/film saved my life"? I've heard it a couple of times and never quite understood it, until now. I strongly believe we all need to be more open about mental health. It is the only sure fire way to end the stigma of it. I've... Continue Reading →

Aron Eisenberg RIP

Star Trek fans across the globe learned today the sad news of the passing of Aron Eisenberg. Aron had many roles on TV shows such as 'The Secret World Of Alex Mack', 'Parker Lewis Can't Lose' as wells as parts in films and on stage. To Trek fans however, Aron is best known as the... Continue Reading →

Film Reviews

What follows is a very quick overview of 5 movies I have seen over the past few months. I haven't been able to update much due to being ill. Shazam- Ah Shazam, AKA DCs Captain Marvel before they lost the rights. This, along with Aquaman are much needed additions to the struggling DCEU. Zachary Levi... Continue Reading →

Badges & Pins

I've been absent for a while due to dealing with severe depression and anxiety. This is something I will address in a future post. Suffice to say it is something I have been dealing with my whole life. Ever since I was very young I have enjoyed collecting a variety of badges and pins. During... Continue Reading →

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