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As per my previous post on pins, I’ve begun collecting pins again. More specifically pins from Fansets who produce pins for a number of different franchises.

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Click image above to visit their website.

My next two pins have arrived. This time I purchased two more Star Trek Discovery character pins as they are my favourite.

First up is Admiral Katrina Cornwell (as played by Jayne Brook)

Its a great little pin of her in the Prime Universe Starfleet uniform. As you can see from the photo the resemblance is very good!

My second pin is Commander Ellen Landry (as played by Rekha Sharma)

This pin shows Landry in her Mirror Universe, Terran Empire uniform. The detail on the mirror uniform is very detailed and quite impressive!

I didn’t check to see if they had one of her in her Prime Universe, Starfleet uniform.  Seeing as Landry is one of my favourite characters, I should remedy that quickly!

The one thing I like about these pins is the fact that for something so small they are quite detailed and the likeness is simple but such that you can easily identify the character. It seems to be a design unique to Fansets and I really like it!

I’ve also been experimenting with my 3D printer to create mounts for the pins. These are a work in progress but I’ve posted an image below.


I’ll post more of my pins as and when they arrive. I’ll also look more at the previous character pins.

If you like collecting pins and are a fan of Star Trek/DC/Harry Potter/Firefly/Alien/Irwin Allen then I suggest you check out their site. They not only do character pins but film/episode pins and ship/vehicle pins. Link above!!

Thanks to Lew at Fansets for getting the pins dispatched so quickly!


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