The Force Beam!

When Star Wars came out back in '77 there were no Master Replicas or any other kind of Lightsaber except one. It was a bootleg Lightsaber and my very first. The film opened in London on December 27th 1977. My dad took me to see it a few days later. I remember it being very... Continue Reading →

Funko Pops

I've never really thought about collecting Funko Pop figures until I began collecting Captain Marvel merchandise. I've collected a few already but this one is my favourite so far. Its Number 444- Glow in the Dark Captain Marvel. She is holding a lunchbox containing the Tesseract- taken from the climatic fight scene in the Captain... Continue Reading →

Star Wars books from the 70s

When Star Wars first came out back in 1977, memorabilia of any kind was hard to find. There were some bits available, some official others far from it. The Kenner/Palitoy action figure range would eventually help the cravings for more bur until such time I had these two books to satisfy me. Star Wars Annual... Continue Reading →

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