The Rise Of Skywalker- Final Trailer

Star Wars trailers always generate a huge deal of anticipation and interest.

This one was no different, if anything I’d say the interest was more due to it being the last film in the Skywalker Saga. With ticket sales already surpassing that of Avengers: Endgame, looks like all those people who vowed to boycott this film after’The Last Jedi’ have changed their mind! I’m hoping that this film will make them see TLJ in a more positive light.

Anyway, on to  the trailer. I’m not going to do a scene-by-scene breakdown as there are many sites out there doing just that. There were some UK sites that waited up especially until 3am to be the first to do so!

As with all Star Wars trailers (if not most films in general), the visuals don’t always match the audio, so listen carefully!

It is very hard to glean a great deal from this trailer as there are no prolonged scenes. We see our band of heroes, including Rose Tico (yay!), and Rebel newcomer Dominic Monaghan in an as-yet-unnamed role, as well as returning old favourite Lando Calrissian.

Kylo Ren returns as expected and we get a very brief glimpse of the Emperor from behind.

There are plenty of fight scenes as you can imagine. The stand out scene of any real length seems to imply that C3PO will not survive and is saying his farewells- I’m not reading anything into this as JJ Abrams is known for misdirection in trailers.

If you look behind C3PO’s left shoulder you will see a Battle Droid from Episode I.

A number of scenes stand out for me as having nods to the past:-

We see an image of the Emperor’s throne which looks strikingly similar to Ralph McQuarrie’s concept art for RotJ- many fans have noticed this. There is also a scene in the crashed Death Star in what looks to be the Throne Room that mirrors a scene from RotJ.

The meeting of Rebel force is similar to two previous scenes combined- the pilot briefing scene with Leia talking to the pilots in ESB and the Ackbar/Mon Mothma/Madine briefing in RotJ.

Rey’s jungle run scenes are reminiscent of Luke’s training on Dagobah.

The Star Destroyer rising up from below is near identical to the USS Enterprise rising from under the water…..wait, wrong franchise!

Finally, the Poe, Chewie and Finn scene chasing stormtroopers down a corridor reminds me of the Han/Chewie scene in the original film.

It certainly looks like the Rebellion is back and ready for action! A final showdown is definitely on the cards.

There was no sign of Han, Wedge or Anakin as had been rumoured but I didn’t really expect that. They will save surprises for the film itself.

My two favourite scenes both include spaceships. The first is a reveal of a fleet of Imperial Star Destroyers that look to be heavily modified. The second shows the Millennium Falcon leading a huge fleet of vessels, including what looks to be some Mon Calamari cruisers and The Ghost from Star Wars Rebels. Both beautiful shots and I cannot wait to see the full scene!

There is so much going on in this trailer- some links in with my theories in my previous post (see here), and I’m not one for nitpicking every little scene but I will say that it has got me excited! I’ve watched the trailer many times and will probably add more to this as time goes on.


The Star Wars films have always made me feel like a child again and I think I may need tissues for this last one as this is the end of an era that began 42 years ago.

As Luke and Leia say in the trailer….

The Force will be with you…..always!



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