Fansets Star Trek: Discovery episode pin

I’ve previously written a general post about Fanset pins and why I like them. I also blogged about the character pins.

In this post I’m going to focus on one of the episode pins. Specifically the season one finale ‘Will you take my hand’.

This episode ends with Michael Burnham regaining her Starfleet Commission. She then makes a speech at a ceremony where her and her fellow Discovery crewmates are awarded the Starfleet Medal of Honour. The speech is about Starfleet, what it stands for and not losing sight of the values even when it seems all is lost.

The image on the pin is taken from when Michael is doing the speech.

This is the scene in question.:-


And this is the pin….


As you can see, the attention to detail is amazing. Now, I’m a big Sonequa Martin-Green fan and the likeness in the pin is spot-on. Detailing on the uniform including the three pips showing her rank on her Starfleet insignia and the accuracy of the Medal of Honour is to be commended.

At the moment I only have Season 1 pins and some character pins. I look forward to getting some Season 2 pins as well as character pins, especially Nhan. I have yet to look at the ship pins on offer but I imagine they are as good as the episode ones.

If you want a cool Star Trek pin then go visit !

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