New Funko Pops

I’ve been shopping around and have got a few more Funko Pop figures. One was even a Lootcrate exclusive that I had in a box and forgot about!

The first is another in the Captain Marvel series. It’s Carol Danvers best-friend, Maria Rambeau in her USAF flight suit.


This is a great little figure and the detailing on the flight suit is awesome.


The actress who plays Maria in the movie, Lashana Lynch, lives fairly local to me. I might have to keep the box in my bag and if I see her see if she would kindly sign it for me!

Next up are two Star Wars pops. One of them is a Loot Crate exclusive.

The first is Princess Leia from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, in the dress she wore at the end of the film. It will fit nicely in with my Carrie Fisher collection. It’s a simple figure, just a basic dress, no real detail needed- nevertheless its a col figure.


Second is Han Solo in Snow Gear, again from The Force Awakens. This was the Lootcrate exclusive.


I was doubly impressed by the detail on this figure, especially the DL-44 Blaster.


Not sure if I prefer the removal base like the Captain Marvel pop or the fixed base of the Star Wars pops. Time will tell!

Finally I picked up two Star Trek: The Original Series pops.

Mirror Universe Spock looks like a guy I know at a con who cosplays as Mirror Spock. Its another well-detailed pop, right down to the emblems and insignia on the uniform and the phaser.


Lastly, I have a Captain Kirk figure- its a very basic pop, Kirk in his Starfleet command uniform. I think its one of the early ones as its not a bobble-head. For some the Funko App lists it as being worth around $85! Will have to hang on tight to this one!


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