Star Wars Fan Vote

The folks over at Collider (here) are running a fan poll to get the ultimate Top 10 Star Wars films according to the fans.

My ranking!

However, the people on Twitter who like to label themselves as ‘The Fandom Menace’ and hate everything that is Disney-era Star Wars (some go even further than that) are doing their best to hijack the poll.

They are absolutely entitled to their opinions, but this form of gatekeeping, something which they deny, is not on. The put downs of those fans who embrace everything Star Wars are constantly put down and quite often in not a pleasant way! Many of them seem to get a kick out of telling others that they are not true fans. That’s not their decision!

They all make it well known that Disney/Lucasfilm don’t get to decide what is and isn’t canon. Um? Hate to tell you this but they can!

So please, pop on over to Collider, cast your vote and show Star Wars some love!


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