Toxic Fandom

There has always been trouble within the various fandoms. For example, I remember reading letters and articles in Starburst and Starlog whenever the Doctor was replaced in Doctor Who. When Star Trek: The Next Generation was announced it generated a great deal of hate. Something that still goes on today. First let me say that... Continue Reading →

Stargate turns 25!

I know, I know, I'm a day late but wanted to say Happy Birthday Stargate. Released October 28th, 1994 starring Kurt Russell and James Spader, it became a launchpad for the TV Shows SG-1, Atlantis and Universe and the Origins web-series. Stargate has a huge, worldwide fandom and I have been privileged to meet and... Continue Reading →

The Mandalorian

The final trailer for the new Star Wars live-TV show has been released less than 2 weeks before the show airs on Disney+. Set 5 years after Return of the Jedi and 25 years before the events of The Force Awakens, The Mandolorian tells the story of a bounty hunter who works far beyond the... Continue Reading →

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