Star Trek 25th Anniversary in ’91

Back in 1991 two things happened, both celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Star Trek.

My two friends Mark and Robin and I decided to create a Star Trek fanzine, and used a spare room in my Nan’s flat as our office. We put adverts in magazines like Starburst and planned to do 4 issues per year.

Unfortunately, we only made a few editions as we didn’t get many subscribers and it turned out to be a lot more work than we had anticipated!

Off the back of the fanzine we decided to have our own min-con/celebration of Trek. It took place in two rooms at the back of my church. All 3 of us brought various bits of memorabilia and artwork so that we could have a display of all things Trek. We had a viewing area and the company that produced the VHS tapes were helpful with things like prizes and more.

We also had a display of books, ranging from Technical Books to the Novels and Titan, the publishers, were also helpful.

We had a fair few visitors pop in during the day, then toward late afternoon/early evening,more friends turned up and it became a Trek party.

I wish I had done something similar for the 50th!

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