Star Wars Action Figures

I was sorting out some boxes and I found some figures I’ve never posted about.

The first two are from the 40th Anniversary range. 12 figures were released which mirrors the original 12 released in 1978. They are on retro style cards but substantially bigger than the original releases. No vinyl capes though this time and the likeness is much better. The figures are Luke and Leia in their costumes from the original film.

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The second pair are from the Elite Series figures released on Force Friday II in 2017. These aren’t as good as The Black Series figures. However whilst the Rey figure in her grey outfit from The Last Jedi actually looks like Daisy Ridley, the Jyn Erso figure from Rogue One doesn’t look much like Felicity Jones.

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Still an improvement on what we had back in the 70s though those figures will always be special to me.

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