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Next Friday, 29th November sees the release of a new Charlie’s Angels movie. I’m hoping to be able to get out to see it if my head allows me.

I’m looking forward to this film- I’ve been a fan of the show since the 1970s. In fact I still have my Charlie’s Angels toy van somewhere!

The new film, which was written and directed Elizabeth Banks, is not a reboot but rather a continuation of the the Angels story that began with the original series.

To date we have the original 70s show, the two movies from the early 2000s, a short-lived TV reboot in 2011 (Cancelled after 7 episodes) and the new film. Let’s look back at where it all began…..


The Townsend Agency, run by millionaire Charles “Charlie” Townsend, is a Private Investigations organisation and is based in Los Angeles. Charlie initially recruits his Angels from other law enforcement agencies but as time goes on that changes. He is assisted in this by his right-hand man John Bosley (played by David Doyle, below right). Most importantly, we never see Charlie’s face- he might be glimpsed from behind or a long distance but never seen up close. He communicates with Bosley and the Angels by telephone and speakerphone and his usual greeting is “Good morning, Angels!” Charlie was voiced by John Forsythe (Below left).


The original three Angels all came from the LAPD Police Academy and upon graduation were assigned menial tasks such as meter maid, switchboard operator and crossing guard.

A list of known Angels follows. Please note there may be some spoilers for the new film as I have included people who have confirmed they are in it.

Original Series


Kelly Garrett (Jaclyn Smith), Jill Munroe (Farah Fawcett), Sabrina Duncan (Kate Jackson)


At the start of season two Jill Munroe left to become a racing car driver and was replaced by her sister Kris Munroe (Cheryl Ladd) who graduated from the San Francisco Police Academy. Jill would make the odd guest appearance in season four.


At the end of season three Sabrina Duncan left and was replaced by Boston PD recruit Tiffany Welles (Shelley Hack).


Tiffany only lasted a year before being replaced by Julie Rogers (Tanya Roberts), a model-turned-PI.


Charlie’s Angels / Full Throttle Movies


The movies brought us three new angels and a new Bosley. Dylan Sanders (Drew Barrymore), Alex Munday (Lucy Liu) and Natalie Cook (Cameron Diaz) were a new breed of Angels who relied on martial arts rather than guns. Bill Murray was John Bosley for this movie.


The sequel, Full Throttle, involved Madison Lee (Demi Moore) an ex-Angel gone rogue and another new “Jimmy” Bosley, John’s adoptive brother, played by Bernie Mac which always seemed a strange casting choice to me.

Charlie’s Angels 2011


This very short-lived series gave us three new Angels. Abby Simpson (Rachael Taylor), Eve French (Minka Kelly) and Kate Prince (Annie Ilonzeh). They were joined by a new Bosley (Ramon Rodriguez). The series lasted 7 episodes before being cancelled.


Charlie’s Angels 2019 (Beware- Spoilers!)


The new film continues with the story but expands on the legend. Townsend Investigations has gone global with offices in major cities around the world.

Patrick Stewart plays the original John Bosley as played by David Doyle in the series. Some scenes from the original series and the two previous films have been retconned and Sir Patrick has been placed in the scenes and David Doyle/Bill Murray/Bernie Mac removed.


This has upset some fans with some saying its disrespectful. Honestly,no. Its not. Its done for continuity reasons- the film would look weird if you had images of David, Bill, Bernie and Patrick all supposed to be the same person! People need to stop looking for offence where none is given, intentionally or not!

The name ‘Bosley’ is now a rank within the organisation. There are Bosleys in every office. Elizabeth Banks plays Rebekah, a former Angel who has been promoted to Bosley.


We also have three new Angels. Sabina Wilson (Kristen Stewart), Jane Kano (Ella Balinska) and Elena Houghlin (Naomi Scott) who becomes an Angel. I’ve seen Kristen in a few films and Naomi in a few including ‘Power Rangers’ (which I enjoyed). I haven’t seen Ella in anything but I am really looking forward to seeing how they are with each other.


There are also a few celebrity cameos including Hailee Steinfeld who I last saw in Bumblebee and I think is destined for great things.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes photo of Elizabeth Banks (Bosley), Naomi Scott (Elena) and Hailee Steinfeld as an Angel Trainee along with Chloe Kim and Lili Reinhart.


There are already “fans” moaning that its too female heavy or its too feminist- I really think they have missed the point as it’s no different to the 70s. Why do people have an issue with true equality and female empowerment?!

Anyway, I can’t wait! I’ll post my thoughts as soon as I’ve seen it!



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