Star Wars theory update!

In my recent post on my theories for Episode IX I suggested that Rey could be a reincarnation of the ‘Prime Jedi’.

A recently released image by Empire Magazine adds a bit of weight to the theory. Below is the image of the Prime Jedi mosaic found on Ahch-to.


You can see the Prime Jedi meditating, at one with both sides of the Force- Light and Dark equal and at peace.

Then Empire Magazine published the image below on Twitter- its the cover of their next edition for subscribers.


As you can see there is a definite similarity between the two images. Light one side, dark the other. Lightsaber running up the centre. The only thing is that we have both Rey and Kylo Ren’s (Ben Solo by now??) hands and sabers together. What does it mean? That together they make the Prime Jedi or that one is the Prime Jedi and one is the chosen one?

The one theory I hope does not happen is that Rey gets pregnant with Ben Solo’s child and THAT child is the new Prime Jedi. First, its too obvious. Secondly there are lots of fans who “ship” Reylo but I don’t see it. Yes, there is a connection but to me its more like siblings more than anything.

Not long to wait now!

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