How ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ might link to ‘The Mandalorian’- some theories.


If you haven’t worked it out by now I’m a huge Star Wars fan. The only other thing that comes any near is Star Trek.

My younger brother Steve was born in 1977 and since he was old enough to talk we have enjoyed Star Wars together. First as children we would enjoy playing together- with lightsaber battles and action figures (don’t mention the Snowspeeder), then as we got older we liked to talk about the films and the (now Legends) novels.


More recently we’ve enjoyed Star Wars through different roles- him as a dad and me as uncle to the three kids. Jess (who tries to make out she doesn’t like SW and is too cool for it but we know better) and the boys, Charlie and Lewis. They are the next generation of fans that we are building.

One thing that my brother and I do quite a lot is discuss theories with each other. This morning we had a good chat bout possible links between ‘The Mandalorian’ and ‘The Rise of Skywalker’.


A quick recap:-

The first three episodes of ‘The Mandalorian’ showed us the Mando accepting his new job from some ex-Imperial types which is something he isn’t happy about as The Empire were responsible for ‘The Great Purge‘ which nearly wiped out the Mandalorians and drove the survivors underground.

This job led him to finding his target- a young baby of the sames species as Yoda (now known as ‘Yoda Baby’ by fans), who quickly demonstrates that he is Force sensitive by making a Mudhorn float when it attacked the Mando.


Eventually the Mando takes Yoda Baby back to those who hired him. They scan him for something and seem pleased before taking him away. The Mando, who is clearly not happy about the deal, is told to leave after enquiring about the child. Later on we see the Mando return and rescue the baby from the Stormtroopers and make his escape- probably with a bounty on HIS head now.

But what were they scanning for and why?

If you’ve read my previous posts you’ll know that I believe that its possible that the Emperor in TROS is a clone. So much has been borrowed from the ‘Legends’ novels, especially ‘The Heir to the Empire‘ trilogy. I don’t believe they have stopped borrowing yet.

I know that JJ Abrams has said that the Emperor in TROS isn’t a clone but he also told us that Benedict Cumberbatch wasn’t playing Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness. So, believe him I do not!

Also if you follow SW news, you’ll know its been suggested that the new Sith Troopers are Force users.

Our theories, based on the above, follow:-

An eagle-eyed fan on Twitter noticed that Dr Pershing, the scientist who took delivery of Yoda Baby from the Mando, had a patch on his shoulder.


I’d noticed it but couldn’t for the life of me remember where from. The Fan on Twitter quickly realised is is the same logo worn by the clones and the cloners on Kamino in Episode II.


So, clones huh? But of who….and what’s with the baby?

We know the baby is 50 years old. Other species age differently so even though it’s 50 its still a baby.

Could the baby somehow be a clone of Yoda made with genetic material taken during the clone wars when he visited Kamino? Possibly, we know that Kaminoan cloning tech allowed for the ageing process to be adjusted.

That wouldn’t explain why the Imperial crew wanted to extract something from him as cloning from a clone can cause problems according to the old ‘Legends’ novels.

Unless what they wanted was midichlorians. In which case what do they want to do with them?

We came up with two possibilities.

  1. The Sith Troopers we will meet in ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ are busy being created somewhere secret and they need the midichlorians to make them Force sensitive.
  2. The Emperor had clones made of himself but for some reason their Force powers are not working. They need the midichlorians to ‘jump start’ them.

Number two is my favourite- less than a month and we will find out how completely wrong I am!

I think the baby may turn out to be either the last of his kind or a clone of Yoda who was the last of his kind.

One other possible link from the final TROS trailer. There is a scene where we see a Resistance fleet assembling, being led by the Millennium Falcon. The Ghost from ‘Rebels’ can also be seen.


In the bottom left corner, you can see a ship that has the same silhouette as The Mandalorian’s ship, Razor Crest.

Its been confirmed that its the same type of ship, but its too much of a coincidence for me- could it be the Razor Crest?

We know that Mandalorians hated The Empire, would that also extend to The First Order once its revealed to be a front for Palpatine whilst he rebuilds? That might be the catalyst that cause the Mando (or his offspring) to join the fight.

So many questions!

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