Empire Magazine Star Wars Special!

Those awesome folks over at Empire Magazine have knocked it out of the park once again! The magazine covers are always top notch with the subscribers covers even more awesome.


The Star Wars Episode IX is no different. The magazine itself is full of its usual movie glory with a big chunk being (rightly so) dedicated to Star Wars.

It also comes with a separate magazine entitled ‘The Skywalker Saga’ which chronicles the history of the films from 1977 onward. It has some great photos including a few behind-the-scenes photos I’ve never seen- I’m not putting them up here. If you want to see them go buy the magazine!


An A4 full colour picture of ‘Dark Rey’ is also included. Its just a shame that my postman folded the magazine to put it through my letterbox as it now has a crease down the centre.


Only thing left for me to do is go and buy the 3 regular issues with special covers (see page header image above)! It’s definitely worth a purchase…..

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