As mentioned before I collect autographs. The majority of my collection are the usual 10 x 8 photos but I have other items signed that I will photograph at some point.

Apart from photos, the main thing I get signed is canvases. It all began when I saw a canvas I really liked. I bought it and some of the actors on it were at the same con so I thought why not!

Since then I design my own and get them made via a dealer on eBay. Once signed they look even more awesome and look great on the wall.

I’m always looking to add to these at every event I go to.

Battlestar Galactica (11 Signatures)


Game of Thrones (37 Signatures)


The Walking Dead (2 Signatures)


NCIS (1 Signature)


Agent Carter (1 Signature)


Agents of SHIELD (4 Signatures)


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