More Autographed pieces….

Star Wars

At Star Wars Celebration Europe II in 2016 I met the awesome Phil Szostak who is author of ‘The Art of….’ Star Wars books. He signed my copy of ‘The Art of The Force Awakens’. If you’ve never seen these books and are a Star Wars fan, they are beautiful and the artwork inside is amazing. You NEED them!

I did get a photo with Phil but it came out all blurry….dang it!

I attended ‘An Evening with Gareth Edwards’ (Director of Rogue One) at Bafta in Piccadilly. He was kind enough to do a signing afterwards.

Stars and Wars is a great book written by Alan Tomkins who was Art Director on ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ and many other blockbuster movies. This is his story of his time in film. Worth a read for sure!


Star Trek

I have two Star Trek Original Series Fotonovels. ‘Where No Man Has Gone Before’ signed by Gary Lockwood (Cdr. Gary Mitchell) and ‘The Galileo 7’ signed by Don Marshall (Lt. Boma). There were only 12 stories produced and some are hard to get hold of.

I also have a copy of The Star Trek Encyclopedia signed by Terry Farrell (Jadzia Dax) and The Making of Star Trek V by Lisabeth Shatner (Bill’s daughter) when she signed at Forbidden Planet, London.

Finally I have a Cdr. Data action figure from Star Trek First Contact signed by Brent Spiner. This was a hard figure to find which is why this one is a bit battered- I did get it cheap though!

IMG_0025 (2)

The Walking Dead 

This was a gift from a friend. Its signed by Chandler Riggs (Carl Grimes). It’s Volume 5 of the trade paperback comic.


Then we have this figurine. It’s of Tara Chambler played by Alanna Masterson. now I’m a big Tara/Alanna fan and have met her a few times and I think she remembers me now!

The last time was on my birthday in 2017. I went to get the figure signed (part of which has now rubbed off) and as it was my birthday she gave me a nice photo with a great dedication.


Alanna is awesome. Don’t mention Tara and the spike please….

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