Star Trek Short- Children Of Mars

Children Of Mars is the latest, and last for this season. Hopefully we will get more after the next series of Discovery as usual. These short treks are extremely good fun and are a great way of adding detail or, as in this case, act as a prequel to something in the future.

This episode is set before the upcoming events of Star Trek: Picard and begins with two young girls, Kima and Lil, in their dorms getting ready for school. Both girls are video-chatting with a parents whilst getting ready. Both parents work at the Utopia Planitia Shipyards on Mars.

The scene then moves outside where we see a shuttle coming into land at a school shuttle stop.


Lots of children are running to catch the shuttle. Lil purposely barges Kima, causing her to drop her bag and miss the shuttle and be late for school. Once Kima arrives she gets her own back by tripping Lil up in the library.


The girls end up getting into a fight in the corridor and have to be pulled apart. They each manage to land a substantial punch on the other though.


Both girls are escorted to the school atrium and are made to sit separately.


As the school principal arrives to discipline them his PADD flashes an alert. One of the secretaries approaches him with her PADD doing the same. Just then an Emergency Alert sounds and the lighting turns red. Very much like a Red Alert on a Starfleet vessel.


Students begin to pile into the atrium. Display screens activate and the Federation News Network is on with a report detailing an attack by ‘Rogue Synths’ on the Utopia Planitia Shipyards- where the girls parents work.


An estimated 3000 Martians and Starfleet personnel are dead.

Both girls are visibly upset as FNN continues its broadcast with a chyron reporting that Starfleet has disptached a task force with orders to proceed at high-warp speed to Mars. The report goes on to say that Admiral Jean-Luc Picard finds the attack “devastating”


Lil turns to Kima and see that she is crying….mirroring her own emotions.

The two girls bury their differences and hold hands as they watch the event unfold on screen.


This gives us a number of clues as to the events that led to Jean-Luc retiring from Starfleet and may lead into the events of Picard. Let’s hope!


As usual CBS have created a book cover in the style of the Trek novels of the 80’s and 90’s. Image below!


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