Star Trek: Picard~ UK Premiere

WARNING: – There are NO spoilers or any plot details below!

The UK premiere of Star Trek: Picard took place on Wednesday 15th January at the Odeon Luxe in Leicester Square. I decided to try to go along and watch the red white carpet. I had a couple of friends for support so I wasn’t alone. It was one of the toughest days I’ve had in a long time especially as I haven’t been out much at all in the past year.

As with most premieres, if you want to watch the celebrities arrive, you have to have a wristband to gain access to the viewing pens. These are handed out on a first-come-first-served basis, normally early on the morning of the event. I was determined to attend and knew that the bands were being handed out at 8am. Being that it was only one of  about 10 days I’ve been out since January 2018 it was hard but it was also good being outside in my hometown and in my favourite area. I was meeting up with Rebecca, a friend from Twitter which would hopefully help keep me occupied.


Other people began to turn up too. A fair few of them were autograph dealers with attitude. I’ll cover that in a completely separate post. At 8am, Duncan who is one of the regular security folks came out with wristbands. Once we had our wristbands we headed off for coffee. We then spent the next few hours wandering around watching the preparation of the premiere take place.

I did struggle throughout the day. I had a few anxiety attack moments and had to find spots to calm down. It wasn’t too crowded which helped so we stuck to coffee shops etc. At least the viewing area would not be too crowded!

We had to meet at All Bar One at 3pm so we decided to go in and have a pot of Earl Grey Tea (Hot) and use the loo prior to meeting.


Shortly after 3pm, Duncan came over and started putting us in order of wristband number. We had 4 and 5 so we were in batch one. After having our bags searched and sniffed we were allowed through to find a spot.

It was then just a matter of waiting and luckily, it really wasn’t busy. There were not as many fans as expected so there was a lot of room. Otherwise I think I would have left.


Eventually everything kicked off. Annoyingly, I’ve forgotten the name of the man who was entertaining the crowd but I’ve seen him before on Sky. He ran the gauntlet of the fans, asking questions and giving out pins when doing a quiz. He also gave out 10 pairs of tickets to go in and join the premiere.

Luckily we won tickets so we could go in after the white carpet had ended.


New Trek family member Michelle Hurd, who plays Raffi in the new show, was the first to arrive followed shortly afterwards by another new family member, Isa Briones. Isa plays Dhaj in the new show.

Both ladies posed for the press before meeting some fans. The behaviour of some of these “fans” is incredibly bad and I’m convinced that is why some of the guests avoided our area. But that’s for another post.

I managed to briefly meet Michelle and returning cast member Jonathan Del Arco who played Hugh the Borg in TNG. A role he reprises in Picard. The other members of the cast, Harry Treadway, Evan Evagora and Jeri Ryan flew by, heading for the press and fan groups.

Sir Patrick came by to say hi to people. One rather rude young man shoved an X-Men DVD cover in front of him and Sir Pat politely (and quite rightly so) refused to sign it- you just don’t get items from other franchises signed at Trek events.

He then headed back as his BFF, the great Sir Ian McKellen had turned up to support him. Awesome.


Another Trek legend,Jason Isaacs, Star Trek: Discovery’s own Captain Gabriel Lorca  was also in attendance to show his support.


I continued to take photos and chat to people before we were finally allowed in to the cinema. Our seats were at the very top row of the upper circle. A bit higher than I’m comfortable with to be honest. We took our seats and found that we had been given a bag of popcorn, can of drink and a pin badge.


The pin badge, which is a miniature version of the new Starfleet Combadge and was produced by Fansets who made all of the Star Trek: Discovery pins I have blogged about before. Once again it’s of their usual high-quality!

Shortly before the episode began Alex Kurtzman, Akiva Goldman and Sir Patrick gave a brief talk. Sir Pat apologised as we were supposed to be seeing 3 episodes but due to certain circumstances it would only be one episode.


Then they showed the episode. It has everything a Trek fan can ask for. The character development is obvious from the outset. It doesn’t scream fan service but there are a few good moments when I squeezed inside. All I will say is WOW! and leave it there.

After the episode the whole cast that were in attendance took to the stage for a brief Q&A. I can’t really say more than that as a lot of it was about the episode.


The cast then departed whilst the audience applauded. Then it was our turn to leave. I waited until almost the end as the height and crowds were bothering me. Low and behold I got dizzy and fell down some steps. I managed to roll into a row of seats to stop me going any further.

My depression and anxiety held up better than I expected. I had a few worrying moments but I have many techniques in my arsenal to help me out. If anything it was more the physical symptoms of D&A that hit me hard rather than the ‘invisible’ aspect. I had had a good day but was exhausted so I got a cab home- I was even more of a wreck for the next few days.

I honestly cannot wait to see the rest of the series and look forward to re-watching the first episode again.



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