Emilia Clarke (and the problem with “fans”!)

Anyone that knows me knows that I have a number of favourite actors that I follow.

Harrison Ford, Tom Hanks, Jerry Lewis, Sonequa Martin-Green, Daisy Ridley and Brie Larson just to name a few.

At the very top of that list is Emilia Clarke.


Like many people I was introduced to Emilia through Game of Thrones. Since then I’ve managed to get hold of the DVDs of her films. Some, Spike Island for example, were hard to get hold off but I have them all now. I’m just waiting on Last Christmas and Above Suspicion to be released.

Emilia Clarke Hot And Beautiful Wallpapers Set-5 (5)

Emilia is very versatile and has played a variety of different roles in a range of genres.

From safe-cracker’s daughter in ‘Dom Hemingway’ to robot killer in ‘Terminator Genesys’.


From Han Solo’s girlfriend in ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ to a nurse in ‘Voice from the Stone’. Emilia has shown us her range and ability.


She also has an awesome singing voice, which can be heard in ‘Last Christmas’. I just loved her version of the Wham hit at the end.


I’m also hoping to be able to see her on stage in ‘The Seagull’ at The Playhouse Theatre later this year.

It’s a well known fact that Emilia, up to now, has been good to fans even when some of them have been a bit pushy. She even discussed the matter on ‘The Graham Norton Show’ back in 2016 where she told of a couple of odd encounters with them.


She’s not just an actress. Like most of us she has real-life problems. Her father died whilst she was filming in Kentucky and she was unable to get back to him in time before he passed. She has also had two brain aneurysms and nearly died. She kept this quiet from almost everyone so that no fuss was caused.


Emilia has also carried out lots of charitable work since her rise to fame. Not only is she a patron or ambassador for a number of charities, she has also set up her own charity for those recovering from brain injuries called SameYou (Link Here).

I’ve not met her but from everything I have seen and read she has a great personality.  She seems to be a very generous and genuine person and has a great sense of humour -along with a cute giggle and smile! A beautiful person both inside and out.

Yet some ‘fans’ go too far.

I was prompted to write this by something I saw at the Star Trek Picard UK Premiere earlier this week. I, along with other fans, were stood watching the white carpet arrivals. There were a group of dealers and very obsessive fans. These people thought it was ok to scream at the top of their voices at the actors. One person in particular was quite aggressive and another shouted at a guest when they wouldn’t sign more than one item. In the end they scared off some of the other guests.

This made me think of a recent article I read about Emilia.

Like many people, myself included, Emilia has anxiety problems- I know you may think that strange for an actor but its quite common.

One day Emilia was out and about when she started to develop an anxiety attack. Whilst going through this she as approached by a ‘fan’- I use the term loosely as a real fan would not act this way. This person began to harass Emilia for an autograph or two and selfies, all whilst she was dealing with the anxiety attack. He wouldn’t take no for an answer and kept on bothering her.

Firstly, what the hell. NO MEANS NO!!

From personal experience I know that she would have been feeling absolutely awful and probably quite embarrassed all whilst trying to calm her nerves. The last thing she needed was some jerk in her face making things worse.

A real fan would have done one of two things. Either leave her alone entirely or simply walk up and ask if she needed help or some water or something. Nothing else is necessary. If you say you are a fan and you care about the actors you like then you need to show it.


Not only has this individual upset a person, celebrity or not, due to their own self interests, they have probably ruined it for true fans now as I’m pretty sure Emilia will refuse all requests on the street. I don’t blame her! It truly makes me mad to see people behave like this towards others. It really does.

I probably wouldn’t be confident enough to talk to her in the street anyway but that’s not the point. This sort of behaviour is happening too often now at premieres, on the street and at conventions. Too many fans believe they are entitled to whatever they want and screw the other person.

I really hope to meet Emilia one day list but I think the chance of that has decreased dramatically thanks to people like the above.

Emilia, if by some remote chance you ever get to read this, on behalf of your real fans please let me apologise for the horrible ones you have met. We aren’t all like it!!

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