Doctor Who- Fugitive of the Judoon Questions??

As I mentioned in a previous post, the current series of Doctor Who is a huge improvement on the previous one and Jodie Whittaker is really starting to own the role.


As much as I like the characters of Yasmin, Ryan and Graham it’s becoming a bit too cosy in the TARDIS. We’ve had multiple companions before but this seems like one or more is being set up for a fall and its going to hit The Doctor hard.


This week’s episode, Fugitive of the Judoon, is on course to be one of the most controversial episodes for a long while.


The episode provided a couple of shocking moments, the first of which was a welcome surprise. Captain Jack Harkness had returned! Whilst some of the writing choices for Jack in the past were questionable, he’s an awesome character and John Barrowman portrays him brilliantly. Chris Chibnall has said we won’t see Jack again this series but I’m hoping its a misdirection.


The second moment is probably going to cause the biggest fuss. The big reveal of the character Ruth (played by Jo Martin) actually being another incarnation of The Doctor sent Twitter into meltdown. It turns out that The Ruth-Doctor had used a Chameleon Arch to disguise herself and her biodata module was in a fire alarm at a lighthouse as opposed to being a fobwatch. Her TARDIS was buried under a gravestone. We also don’t know why she needed to disguise herself or indeed which incarnation she is.

We also know that The Ruth-Doctor and Gat, the other Gallifreyan in the episode both believe that their home planet is thriving as opposed to the post-apocalyptic wreck that The Doctor witnessed previously.

Chris Chibnall posted on his Twitter page the following- ‘”The important thing to say is – she is definitively the Doctor. There’s not a sort of parallel universe going on, there’s no tricks.” If Chibnall is telling the truth, then that is awesome as it means that finally we have our first black doctor and it’s about time. The dynamic between both Doctors is brilliant- Jodie and Jo work together well and I hope we get to see more of them together.


The question I have is this:- if Ruth-Doctor is not from a parallel/alternate dimension, where does her incarnation appear in the order of incarnations?

Is she another hidden incarnation like The War Doctor? In which case did The Doctor purposely forget or was the memory wiped by someone. If this is the case I’d bank on it being between early incarnations. My brother, who is a much bigger fan than I, believes that it would be between the second and third doctors as that was another regeneration that was not fully seen on screen- we only saw the beginning of the process forced by the Timelords.

Some fans are saying that the order of Doctors is being retconned and that Ruth-Doctor is the original. They are basing this theory on the look of Ruth’s TARDIS. These same fans are also saying that they would be most unhappy if that were the case as they would find it an insult to William Hartnell, the original Doctor.

Personally, I’m thinking that its a future incarnation. Some time between this episode and when Ruth-Doctor takes over The Doctor(s) manage to restore Gallifrey as if nothing has happened. Both Doctors then return to their own place in the timeline with neither remembering the events. The future Doctor won’t remember her past self for some reason- possibly the start of a completely new regeneration cycle with memory loss issues.#

Will have to wait and see.

Finally, can I just say I loved Ruth-Doctor’s TARDIS! It is a good mashup between the early versions and the current version. Someone converted the BBC photos to black and white and it looks amazing!

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