Birds Of Prey (and the fantabulous emancipation of one Harley Quinn)

I’ve always been more of a Marvel fan than DC but that didn’t stop me picking up the odd DC comic as a kid and the same now goes for the movies.


The DCEU had a really bad start and, in my opinion, still struggles to compete with the MCU. I’ve enjoyed some of the DCEU films, most notably Wonder Woman and Aquaman. Justice League was ok but I wasn’t keen on some of the casting choices. For me though Suicide Squad was the worst. I’ve watched it twice just to be fair and there are bits that are ok but mostly its a no from me.  I enjoyed Wil Smith and abhorred Jared Leto.

fotos ineditas harley quinn

The best thing to come out of that movie was Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. You sometimes get actors who were born to play a role, like Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones, and Harley Quinn is Margo’s. She was great in Suicide Squad and is even better in Birds of Prey- taking the role of the OTT-crazy criminal and Joker’s ex to the next level.

BoP sets up each character, and the overall story well. If you go into most comic book based movies expecting something cerebral, then you are sadly mistaken. Saying that, the story is interesting enough to keep you hooked and there are enough action scenes to please most people. Guys, be warned- you will find yourself crossing your legs a lot!

The humour is spot on and I found myself chuckling for once. Some of it was inappropriate but funny nonetheless.


As for performances, apart from Margot, I was most impressed with Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Huntress) and Jurnee Smollett-Bell (Black Canary).

Both had interesting storylines and were both powerful characters for very different reasons. Likewise, Ewan McGregor as the evil, but hilarious, Roman Sionis (Black Mask) was a great casting choice.


For me, the only weak performance was Ella Jay Basco who played Cassandra Cain. I’m sure she will get better with age as she is only 13 but I wasn’t convinced by her.

The soundtrack was appropriate to the film but a little loud for me- I must be getting old!

Overall its a great film and a good addition to the DCEU. Fingers crossed or BoP 2!


PS! Harley’s love for her sandwich was a real highlight of the film! Can’t beat a good sandwich!


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