Joaquin Phoenix & Brie Larson

At this year’s Oscars ceremony the Academy awarded the Best Actor statue to Joaquin Phoenix for his performance in Joker.


During his acceptance speech Joaquin talked about a variety of topics but most of his talk was aimed at Hollywood and The Academy. He talked about diversity and the need for women, people of colour, the disabled, LGBTQ+ artists to be represented in all aspects of film making AND also in getting recognition for it.

For the record (not that my opinion matters) I agree with everything he said. My issue isn’t with him or Brie… if!

It’s with the fans.

At the 2016 Academy Awards Ceremony, Brie was awarded the Best Actress statuette for her performance in ‘Room’.

88th Annual Academy Awards - Show

During her speech she spoke about the exact same topics. The EXACT same. Now, Joaquin’s speech was not stolen word-for-word Ivana Trump-style. It was his own speech but said the exact same thing that Brie had said 4 years prior.

Ok, so they have similar views. What’s the problem? Let me tell you if you don’t already know…..

Whilst the ceremony was still taking place, social media was buzzing about Joaquin’s speech. The majority of people were praising him for everything he said on diversity and representation. Actors, musicians, politicians and fans all took to Twitter, Facebook etc to sing his praises. The ‘Youtube’ crowd who are normally quite hateful even seemed to support him.

Now let’s wind the clock back 4 years.

Brie made her speech on the subject and within minutes people were making comments on social media. Only this time it was the other way around. The majority of comments were nasty and hateful and in some cases threatening. Comments such as “stick to acting, we don’t want your opinion” were some of the milder ones witnessed. The ‘YouTube’ crowd were out in force making their usual hate-filled videos and more. If memory serves, Brie left Twitter for a while.

So how come that Brie gets hate whilst Joaquin gets love all from making speeches about the same topic. They are both successful actors, both outspoken, both white, both men…… oh wait, surely not.

It couldn’t be because Brie is woman. Could it? Well that’s how it seems, which is so damn unfair.

The men who make hateful comments sound like they are afraid of her and she is somehow attacking their masculinity. Hilarious!

What is equally hilarious is that many of the women who make hateful remarks seem to be jealous of Brie, her personality, looks, intelligence and more. One YouTuber even had the audacity to say that she was better than Brie in every way, especially in looks. Now I’m not one to comment on other peoples’ appearance as I’m no oil painting but this woman is delusional. In every way.


Looking at Twitter today it seems that these same “fans” are now taking things a step further. They’re trying to reignite the whole Marvel Vs DC argument and they are not being nice about it. There is room in this Multiverse for fans of both. I’m more of a Marvel fan but will happily read/watch DC too.

When are Social Media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube going to start enforcing their policies against hate speech? Some of the offenders have received bans but they are back 24 hours later. There is going to come a point when one of these celebs who are regularly attacked online will be seriously affected by it all.

People need to sort themselves out and stop the hate! Social Media need to start being responsible as well.




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