Celebs on Lockdown!

With most of the planet on Lockdown due to the Coronavirus, many celebrities have taken to social media to keep us all entertained in one way or another. Some read stories for children, some teach dance or do fitness routines, some play pranks.

For me though there have been 7 outstanding celebs to follow online. Here they are in reverse order.

Number 7- Ian Beattie from Game of Thrones.


Ian can be found here on Instagram where he reads a ‘Poem of the Day’. He reads from a wide range of poets. I’m waiting for him to do some Spike Milligan!

Number 6- Roger Taylor from Queen.


Roger has been regularly posting drumming lessons on his Instagram story here. He provides tips on technique for drummers and focuses on different parts of the kit each time.

Number 5- Samuel L Jackson.


Sam recently read a story in his usual colourful language. The story was entitled ‘Stay the f**k at home’ and can be found here on Instagram.

Number 4- Angie Harmon of Rizzoli & Isles


Angie can be found here on Instagram where she posts inspirational messages, joke posts and more importantly the antics of her ‘Modern day Brady Bunch’ family.

Number 3- Briana Venskus of Supergirl/SHIELD/The Walking Dead.


Briana has been detailing her hilarious adventures around her apartment during lockdown here on Instagram. She’s taken part in a very dangerous expedition which involved camping in her living room, ascending the stairs and more. Briana is incredibly funny and worth a watch for sure.

Number 2- Sir Patrick Stewart of Star Trek.


Sir Pat has returned to his classic theatrical roots for his daily video. He can be found here on Instagram reading a ‘Sonnet of the Day’ from the works of William Shakespeare.

Number 1- Florence Pugh, soon to be in Black Widow


Florence can be found here on Instagram where she gives her outlook on life, the universe and everything whilst cooking. She occasionally breaks out into dance or singing (yes, still whilst cooking), general antics or telling jokes. But mostly its the most uplifting, endearing cookery lessons ever. She’s absolutely brilliant and I’m quickly becoming a fan- she was great in Little Women!

Anyway, please check out Florence or indeed any of the others. You won’t be disappointed!

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