Costume Recycling

Its been a long standing tradition in both TV and Film for costumes to be recycled. It happens both in the US and the UK and I’m sure elsewhere too.

Three fairly well-known examples are below.

First we have this space suit that appeared in the 1964 movie ‘First Men In The Moon’. It then went on to appear in an early episode of Doctor Who and finally it turned up in ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ as the costume for the Trandoshan bounty-hunter Bossk played by Alan Harris.


Next there is Babylon 5. In the episodes ‘Babylon Squared’ and ‘War Without End’ we see a number of characters in environment suits, most notably Jeffery Sinclair. His environment suit was recycled, with a few additions made, from the Stanley Kubrick film 2001: A Space Odyssey.


One of the most familiar ones in sci-fi is Mork’s space suit from Mork & Mindy- the red jumpsuit with the silver triangle on the chest and a very bulbous helmet.

The helmet was originally used in ‘The Outer Limits’ whilst the red jumpsuit was used for the season 3 episode of Star Trek, ‘The Savage Curtain’ where it served as the costume for the character of Colonel Green.

Whilst sorting out some old trading cards the other day I came across another Mork & Mindy/Star Trek link.


This trading card depicts an episode where Mork & Mindy were going to a fancy dress party with Mindy’s dad Fred.

The costume on the right seems to be a mashup of two different Star Trek costumes. The first is the environment suit from ‘The Naked Time’.

idiot getting infected

The second is part of the space suit worn by Captain Kirk in ‘The Tholian Web’.


Here’s a better view of a scene from the same episode. What do you think?


I’ve seen many other costume recycling examples over the years but don’t recall seeing this one before.

I’ll blame my age and dodgy memory!

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