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Being a child of the 70s I grew up with the original Battlestar Galactica on TV. It followed, and benefited from the wake left by all the hype surrounding Star Wars and also faced a few lawsuits claiming that parts of Star Wars had been ripped off by the creators of Galactica.


I was 6 years old and didn’t really care about such matters. I just loved the show- the Vipers, the blasters, the uniforms, the Galactica and of course Muffit II. Looking back though it was very cheesy and had obviously been influenced by Star Wars- I won’t say purposely stolen as I don’t believe that. I still watch the odd episode from time to time. My all time favourite was a two-parter that was turned into a movie called ‘Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack:.


In 2003 the re-imagined versions two-part mini-series aired. Before watching it I was very dubious as I didn’t want memories of the original spoiled. During Christmas 2003 I sat down with my mum and watched the mini-series. My mum wasn’t huge into sci-fi but being housebound she really got into certain shows such as Stargate SG-1, Charmed, Babylon 5 and a few others. We both really enjoyed the new series and could not wait for the full show to begin.

Unfortunately, mum died the following February and never got to see the show. When it aired it took me a while to watch it because of that but then I decided that she was here with me in my head watching along.


Once I began watching I was totally hooked. I loved the realism of it all- the way the military were portrayed from the uniforms, real names with call-signs and the tech. The mythology behind the Twelve Colonies, some of which had carried over from the original, and the spiritual/religious angle which was a new and welcome plot addition were intriguing and woven very well throughout the whole show.


The acting was superb. James Callis as Baltar, paired with Tricia Helfer as Six was a magnificent pairing. I had no issue with some of the characters changing sex (though some did) and thought that Katee Sackhoff nailed Starbuck perfectly. Edward James Olmos was brilliant as Commander, then Admiral William Adama.


The final resolution of the story I thought was genius. Too often sci-fi likes to show us our future. Turning that on its head and making the whole story our distant past caught me totally off-guard and I loved it.


The show spawned a few spin-offs with Razor and The Plan being two movies with Caprica being a great prequel series which should have had a longer run. I believe that BSG was also one of the first shows to have a web-series to help fill in gaps. There were three- The Face of the Enemy, The Resistance and then Blood & Chrome.

As I sit here in Lockdown I’m doing a complete re-watch- I’m about halfway through season 2 and I’m enjoying it now as much as I did when it first aired. I’m still in awe of the writing, the character development the acting and the music and soundtrack. Will I cry again at the end? Don’t know…will see! I just wish my mum could have seen it as I know she would have really enjoyed it.

Re-watching also brings back lots of memories of meeting the various cast members at different events. The two best BSG events I attended were both Starfury events- Battlestar Starfury and Starfury Invasion. The organisers were kind enough to let me get my cast canvas signed which made my day.


I also made Aaron Douglas giggle during the photoshoot. The shoot was first thing in the morning and Aaron had been at the party the previous night. When it came to my turn, I stepped up and the photographer told me to raise my chin. Being that I have multiple chins I replied “which one?” to which Aaron laughed shook his head and repeated what I had said in a WTF kind of manner.


Meeting the old man himself, Admiral Adama, was the real highlight for me. I had a good chat with Mr Olmos, not just about BSG but also Blade Runner and Baseball. He is a great guy to talk to. In fact, of all the cast I met over the years not one was unkind or horrible in any way.

Edward James Olmos

A few of my photoshoots can be seen below.

If you have never watched the show for whatever reason then I recommend you do. Its well worth it and if you are on lockdown you can’t say you don’t have the time!


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