Challenge Coin

As midnight releases become more and more popular, film studios are using the opportunity to use these as promo events especially at the main cinemas in Leicester Square. Some give out goody bags, some do contests and giveaways which is what happened at the Avengers: Endgame midnight release. Others give away special, limited edition items.

I went to the midnight release of Captain Marvel and they were giving away a special remembrance coin in the style of a US Military Challenge Coin. Unfortunately I was unable to get one as they had run out. I’ve been hunting for one for a while that wasn’t ridiculously priced.

I finally found one last week and she’s a beauty!

As you can see the front is in full colour with the traditional Captain Marvel logo of the Hala star and the “Higher, Further, Faster” motto as well as fighter aircraft symbolising Carol’s service in the USAF.

The rear side is a much simpler, plain version. This will make a fine addition to my collection!

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