Cylon Skinjobs

I’m at the halfway point of my Battlestar Galactica re-watch. To this day many things still astound me. The VFX, the story with its various plot-lines all interweaving and the acting. I want to focus on two particular actors who still shine through in this re-watch.

Anyone who has seen the show will recall that there were, in the end, 13 Humanoid Cylons created. Number 7 (Daniel) was destroyed completely by the Number 1’s therefore there are none in existence.


You’ll also remember that, apart from the Final Five, there are many copies of all the other types. Now I’m sure that for any actor, playing multiple roles is hard enough but when it came to the skinjobs, I found the Cavill, Leoben, D’Anna, Simon, and Doral models to be the same. Same personality, same ideals and views as others of their type.

The Sixes and Eights though were very different and for me this shows how amazing Tricia Helfer and Grace Park are at acting. Not only did they have to play multiple versions of their model, each one had a different personality and style.

The Sixes had at least 13 different types according to the BSG Wiki. Most we saw close up and some interaction with the plot whilst others were seen in the background. Towards the end during the Cylon Civil War some of the Sixes split and joined the Galactica whilst others stayed with the main Cylon fleet. To be able to portray so many different versions of the same character, some with subtle difference and others not so subtle is amazing to me and shows not only great writing and directing but amazing acting on Tricia’s part.

The same can be said for the Eights. Although slightly less in variety, (Boomer/Athena/Drone Eights) it must still have been a tough job as in many ways the story-lines for Boomer and Athena were rooted in difficult subjects. The various plot lines that Grace had to deal with for all the versions is astounding. In particular the traitorous Sharon/Boomer and her transition from good to bad and then at the very end ‘almost’ sorry to Sharon/Athena’s journey losing Hera, gaining her place back in the fleet before finding Hera again. Wow. So much emotion to portray!

I’ve met both actresses years ago and had a great chat. Grace even asked which version of her character would I prefer to date. I replied Athena (Sorry Helo).

So once again, thank you to both ladies for a great performance.


More BSG notes to come as the re-watch continues.

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