The Eltham Murder- 1871

Below is an article I wrote for a number of different websites. It's the story of Jane Maria Clouson (occ. Clousen) who was my 1st Cousin- 4x removed. She was tragically murdered in 1871 in Kidbrooke Lane, Eltham. In my family, the name ‘Jane’ has been passed down for generations along with rumours of a... Continue Reading →

Space: Above and Beyond

Lockdown 2020: Like many people I've spent a bit of time binge watching TV shows. Unlike some, I'm watching shows from the past that I enjoy. Much of modern TV doesn't appeal to me. I've just finished a complete re-watch of Space: Above and Beyond created by Glen Morgan and James Wong (both of X-Files... Continue Reading →

Strange New Worlds Part 2

Since yesterday's announcement of another new live-action Star Trek series I've been doing lots of thinking about the possible potential of the new show. From what we already know its set 10 years prior to Kirk taking command of the Enterprise. I'm assuming for now that it's set in the period after the events of... Continue Reading →

Star Trek- Strange New Worlds

It's official! After months of speculation and begging from fans, CBS announced today via a video that a new live-action series called 'Star Trek- Strange New Worlds' is underway. Once again Anson Mount will reprise the role of Captain Christopher Pike that he played so wonderfully during Star Trek Discovery's second season. Joining him will... Continue Reading →

New Star Trek Picard Pin from Fansets

If you follow my blog you'll know I am a big fan of pins. Over the years I have tried to collect as many official replicas of Star Trek combadges as possible. The latest pin from Fansets is an absolute must. It's a full-size collectors pin of the new Starfleet combadge from Star Trek: Picard.... Continue Reading →

VE Day 75th Anniversary

Another hobby of mine is genealogy. I've been investigating my family tree for over 16 years and my main branch has gone back to 1536. It's something I'm going to post about on here from time to time when I find something interesting. Today however I'd like to take a moment to remember the many... Continue Reading →

BSG Autographs

With my BSG re-watch now at an end (except for Caprica) I thought now might be a good time to put my BSG autographs up. I have two from the original show, those being Richard Hatch and Anne Lockhart. I also had Herb Jefferson Jr but can't find it. As for the re-imagined series, I... Continue Reading →

Badass B**ch Fight!

With the Covid-19 Pandemic still in full-flow around the globe, many celebrities have been finding ways to entertain themselves and us. I mentioned a few in a couple of previous posts which can be found here and here. Taking inspiration from a group of cosplayers who made a superhero quick-change movie, New Zealand stunt-woman and... Continue Reading →

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