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I think there is something wrong with me.

I seem to really enjoy finales of TV and Film series that other people hate. For example, I love the endings for LOST and Games of Thrones and I also love The Rise of Skywalker, the final film of the Skywalker Saga.


It’s the same for BSG. I loved it back then and I love it still now.

Does it bother me? No it doesn’t. I simply wish that many fans were not so nit-picky and just learned to enjoy the show.

I even found one site that list every error, every problem they found with Daybreak. No TV show or Film is error free. It doesn’t matter if its a tech error, a continuity error or a research error. They all have them.

He had a few main issues:- some of which I will mention.

First there was talk about setting it in the past and more than that, our past. Well, quite frankly that is ridiculous. Lots of other shows are set in the future so being set in the past is a welcome different. Plus, the original show was set in the past as stated by Patrick McNee in the opening monologue “Life here began out there”.

I thought making Hera Agathon the mother of our race was a nice touch. OK, they messed up the whole Mitochondrial Eve and Most Recent Common Ancestor bit but to most viewers that would have gone straight over their heads. The fact that we are possibly all a little bit Cylon was amusing to me. The population of “Earth 2” (no, not the TV show) was very low at the period when the colonials landed and whilst Doc Cottle said it would be possible to breed with the natives, it doesn’t mean they did. The natives might have learned from the colonials but it also possible that the colonials became the dominant species.

But here am I doing what I hate!! Grr….


The final issue was around religion. Apparently, Ron Moore stated that all his science and religion would be realistic. I think that was taken a bit too literally by some people.

After all, Glen A Larson, the creator of the original BSG was a Mormon. Now I don’t claim to be an expert but I do know that in their holy texts they have a planet (or star?) called Kolob- He just switched it around to get Kobol. Mormons are also Non-Trinitarian and Monotheistic. They do not agree with the concept of the holy trinity and only believe in one true God.

This fits in very much with the backstory of the re-imagined series. The Cylons believe in the one God whilst the colonials are polytheistic and believe in many Gods. Pretty sure though that by the end the Cylons had converted the colonials. As for the ‘messengers’, Head Six, Head Baltar and resurrected Starbuck, I liked the thought that they were angels sent by God but appear in a form that is pleasing to the person seeing them. God has a plan…..we don’t know what it is for us but I’m sure he does.


So was it destiny fulfilled, fate, or all orchestrated by God. Or a combintaion of all?

Who knows? Does it really matter in the end? No it doesn’t- the same for any TV show, if it resonates with you and your enjoy it then so be it.

BSG really resonated with me a helluva lot. I waited too long to re-watch it all and must do it again soon.


I was happy to see that Bill Adama changed his mind and chose to rescue Hera and in the process saving his own humanity.


The attack on the colony was great. I’ve heard arguments that the colony wasn’t well defended but then being on the edge of a singularity, it didn’t need to. This was stated in the episode. The final showdown between Athena and Boomer was a twist I wasn’t expecting but seeing Boomer’s flashback helped.


In the most part all characters had a great ending. Laura Roslin fulfilled the prophecy by dying on Earth 2. Caprica and Baltar decide to settle and grow crops, the Adamas go their own way as does Saul and Ellen Tigh. Galen Tyrol goes off to explore the highlands and finally Karl, Sharon and Hera settle down as a proper family unit.

The choice to abandon all technology made a lot of sense. It was a sad scene seeing the Galactica leading the fleet into the sun. I’m hoping that all of the raptors on Earth had a remote function of some sort to allow them to do the same


The 150,000 years later scene was fun. Yes as I said the Mitochondrial Eve bit was messed up but the thought was there. The quip about God not liking the name was funny- I’m pretty sure that our God (the same as in the show) has a sense of humour.


We’re building robots and working on AI. Will it all happen again?

A great show, with an awesome cast and crew. SO SAY WE ALL!


Footnote:- I just found a site that claims that the ending was Deus ex machina, (an unexpected power or event saving a seemingly hopeless situation, especially as a contrived plot device in a play or novel) which is hilarious as since the show first began there has been talk of God controlling it all.

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