The Big Nerd Pub Quiz!

Ever since the Coronavirus Lockdown began people have been finding inventive ways to entertain themselves and others. Fellow Trekkie and general nerd Mark Hughes from Rostrevor in Northern Ireland is one such person.


The story goes that Mark wanted to find a way to create a pub quiz for him and a few friends. After a week or so it began to grow in popularity and so ‘The Big Nerd Pub Quiz’ was born. Initially it was purely nerd related but after a few suggestions Mark now has the format almost perfect.

You’ll find him on YouTube on Wednesdays and Saturdays where he hosts a general knowledge quiz from 8pm onwards.


On Tuesdays at 2pm he does a similar quiz but for kids.

Mark has now taken to hosting specialised quizzes on Mondays at 8pm. We’ve already had a 90’s edition as well as Star Trek and Game of Thrones. With today being May the 4th, Mark is hosting a Star Wars Special at 8pm again on YouTube with a Harry Potter special planned for the following Monday.

The quiz has grown so much that Mark has people from all across the globe taking part. He’s done numerous interviews with the media and thanks to generous donations to his Patreon he has been able to upgrade his equipment for a much better experience.

He’s also gone and got a sponsor in Norn Iron Tees, a tee shirt company with some hilarious shirts that I need to buy very soon.

I’ve only met Mark once in person which was at a Destination Star Trek event in Birmingham a couple of years ago. He was dressed in his Star Trek: The Motion Picture uniform and was a great guy to talk to.


To take part in the quiz or view past quizzes check out the YouTube page HERE.

To donate to the Patreon click HERE

Visit Norn Iron Tees why don’t you a buy a shirt HERE

Or visit the Twitter page HERE.

If you’re taking part in tonight’s Star Wars special then…..


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