Star Trek- Strange New Worlds

It’s official!

After months of speculation and begging from fans, CBS announced today via a video that a new live-action series called ‘Star Trek- Strange New Worlds’ is underway.

Once again Anson Mount will reprise the role of Captain Christopher Pike that he played so wonderfully during Star Trek Discovery’s second season.

Joining him will be Ethan Peck as Spock and Rebecca Romjin as Number One.


Hopefully other previously seen Enterprise crewmembers, such as Lt Amin (Samora Smallwood) and Yeoman Colt (Nicole Dickinson) will also make an appearance.

This will also be a perfect opportunity to tie-in two of the Short Treks by having Captain Lynne Lucero (Rosa Salazar) and the USS Cabot from ‘The Trouble with Edward’ make an appearance as well as Cadet Thira Sidhu (Amrit Kaur) from ‘Ask Not’.

Finally, if I had one wish, it would be to see other characters that appeared in ‘The Cage’ such as Dr Phil Boyce the Chief Medical Officer. Possibly even, dare I say it, a young James T Kirk?


Time will tell but I must say as a fan of the TOS era, I cannot wait for this show to happen!


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