Strange New Worlds Part 2

Since yesterday’s announcement of another new live-action Star Trek series I’ve been doing lots of thinking about the possible potential of the new show.

From what we already know its set 10 years prior to Kirk taking command of the Enterprise. I’m assuming for now that it’s set in the period after the events of Discovery Season 2 which makes it 2257 onward. As with both Discovery and Picard I’m also assuming it will be serialised rather than the ‘story of the week’ format used by the older Trek shows.

Apart from introducing new characters it does bring about the possibility of meeting TOS characters earlier on in their careers. Now obviously the main focus of the show is Pike and co but the writers are very good at making links to previous shows through storyline either as a plot point or with on-screen mentions or on displays.

These possibilities include:-

  • A young Lieutenant James T Kirk serving on the USS Farragut under Captain Garrovick
  • Gary Mitchell who was a student at the Academy and a friend of Kirk.
  • Dr Carol Marcus who was in a relationship with Kirk and bore his son David.
  • Ben Finney and the USS Republic.
  • I’d love to see or even hear mention of Scotty, Bones, Uhura or Sulu.
  • Will we see Ash Tyler and his work rebuilding Section 31?
  • An appearance from Commodore Robert April, previous Captain of the Enterprise who Pike served under as first officer.
  • A link between the Short Trek ‘The Trouble with Edward’ and Cyrano Jones who begins trading in this period. The fallout after the destruction of the USS Cabot and how Jones gets Tribbles.
  • Baby Tuvok is born.
  • Pike’s promotion to Fleet Captain and transfer of command to Kirk. Obviously this would need to happen near the series end unless they plan on continuing with more Kirk and co adventures. The issue there is that there would then be an overlap between SNW and TOS.
  • The full story of Pike’s rescuing of the cadets and his accident.
  • Will we see or hear of Fleet Captain Garth?

I’m also hoping we get to see the fallout from the loss of Discovery as well as the effect on Spock of losing Michael. It will also be interesting to see if Captain Pike has any problems knowing his eventual fate after his use of the time crystals in Discovery season 2.


Hopefully we will learn more about the new crew such as Lt Amin and Lt Mann and possibly Cadet Thira Sidhu from the Short Trek ‘Ask Not’.


During the events of ‘The Cage’ the Enterprise’s CMO was Dr Phil Boyce. It will be interesting to see who they cast in the role- I have three possible suggestions. Mitch Pileggi of The X-Files and Stargate Atlantis, Michael Ironside of V and Starship Troopers fame or Glenn Morshower who has a huge list of credits to his name.

At some point Dr Phil Boyce is replaced by Dr Mark Piper. Will we see that?

Anyway, these are the thoughts that have been running through my head since the announcement. Either way, I’m sure the show is going to be awesome.


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